Tools for NewTek NDI®

NewTek’s NDI® is a refreshing take on video over IP, and is rapidly gaining traction in many environments. It brings the flexibility and convenience of IP video, without the complexity and bandwidth-hungry nature of uncompressed systems.

Rascular supports NDI in several products: RouteMaster Lite is a dedicated virtual router for NDI, allowing you to route signals easily from a mix of hardware panels and web-based panels. You can combine this with ClockWork for automated time-of-day switching, or use the full RouteMaster system for hybrid SDI/NDI systems with tieline routing.

We’ve also added NDI capabilities into Helm, allowing you to view and monitor NDI video streams directly within Helm Panels. Finally, there’s CastAway – a simple PC-based switcher application for NDI, ideal for presentations and master control.