Control your broadcast devices anywhere, any time

Powerful Web Panels with User and Role Management

If you need control of broadcast and A/V devices from anywhere, at any time, you need WebCentre.

WebCentre builds on Rascular’s proven Helm technology, and allows operators to use custom-designed broadcast control panels from any device, in any browser. Panels are designed and built using the powerful Helm Designer, then deployed securely via HTTPS to the WebCentre database. Your panels can control a range of devices, including routers and streaming encoders, and can also integrate with social media platforms.

Operators can log in to WebCentre and run the panels directly with any modern browser with zero deployment.  The system uses HTML5 and JavaScript, so there’s no need for browser plugins.

Powerful, role-based access management means operators can only access the designated functions of the specified devices. Via the WebCentre UI, users and roles can be easily created, defined and assigned by administrators.

WebCentre is not a shared service – it’s hosted on your own server, under your control, yet provided with a simple installer that gets you up and running in a few clicks.

Users and Roles

WebCentre’s user and role management makes it easy to restrict the use of control panels to particular users. A role typically represents a particular job or function that a user performs, for example “TX operator” or “Engineer”.

You can define your own roles, and users can be assigned to multiple roles. When a user logs in, they will see only those permitted panels. Each panel can be assigned to any number of roles.

Predefined roles of “User Manager” and “Panel Manager” grant users the ability to add and remove users and panels respectively.

  • User Management
  • Role-base panel permissions
  • Directly deploy panels from Helm Designer
  • Pure HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Simple installer
  • RouteMaster integration
  • Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Facility-wide router access
  • Remote journalism
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Live streaming to social media
  • Router system upgrades
Supported Devices

We’re adding more direct device support into WebCentre. Contact us if you’d like to know more.