Helm – Licensing

Licensing Overview

The licences you need for a Helm system depend on the equipment you’re controlling, and the number of PCs being used for control.

Helm Designer and PC Run-time

Every system needs at least one Helm Designer licence. The Helm Designer licence allows you to run panels on the same PC, and for small installations that may be all you require. For each additional PC that’s going to be running a Helm panel you need a Helm PC licence. Users with just a Helm PC licence cannot modify panels.

Q: I want ten PCs to have Helm software installed, but only one in use at any time. How many licences do I need?

A: Ten. If you need “hot standby” computers with the software installed and ready, we require you to have each one separately licensed. You can move licences between PCs, but should not have more copies of the software installed than your licence allows.  Where a large number of PCs may need control, then WebCentre’s browser-based control may be more appropriate.

Licence Code Description
HELM-PC-DESIGNER Helm Designer licence – includes Helm Runtime for same PC
HELM-PC Helm PC licence – for each additional PC running Helm panels

Device Licences – Routers

With routers, the base licence gives control of a router up to 64×64. For larger routers, expansion packs must be added to reach the required size.

Q: I have a 512×512 router but am only using 64 destinations with Helm. Do I still need the expansion packs?

A: Yes.

Licence Code Description
HELM-ROUTER-QUARTZ Helm Router Licence (Evertz/Quartz Type 1 protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-PROBEL Helm Router Licence (Pro-Bel General Remote and General Switcher protocols)
HELM-ROUTER-UTAH Helm Router Licence (Utah RCP3-A protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-NEVION Helm Router Licence (Nevion Sublime/Vikinx protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-NVISION Helm Router Licence (NV9000 protocol, NVision Compact Router protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-NETWORK Helm Router Licence (Network NCB protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-LEITCH Helm Router Licence (Leitch X/Y Passthru protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-BLACKMAGIC Helm Router Licence (Blackmagic Design VideoHub protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-THOMSON Helm Router Licence (VM3000/Jupiter ASCII protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-ENCORE Helm Router Licence (GVG Native protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-PESA Helm Router Licence (PESA P1N protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-SIERRA Helm Router Licence (Sierra Aspen protocol)
HELM-ROUTER-KRAMER Helm Router Licence (Kramer 2000 and 3000 protocols)

For routers with more than 64 inputs or outputs, select one of the expansion packs below. If your router isn’t ‘square’ then please pick the larger dimension.

Licence Code Description
HELM-ROUTER-64-EX Helm Router Expansion for additional 64 inputs/outputs

Device Licences – Channel Branding and CG systems

Licence Code Description
HELM-IS750 Helm Imagestore-750 licence
HELM-LGK-3901 Helm LGK-3901 licence
HELM-INTUIT-XG Helm Intuition XG licence
HELM-PIXELPOWER Helm PixelPower Clarity licence
HELM-HARMONIC-CHPT Helm Harmonic ChannelPort licence – includes Mediaport licence
HELM-XPRESSION Helm Ross Xpression licence
HELM-ICON Helm Harris Iconstation licence

Device Licences – Streaming Encoders

Licence Code Description
HELM-ELEMENTAL-LIVE Helm AWS Elemental Live licence

Device Licences – Modular Gear

Licence Code Description
HELM-LYNX Helm Lynx Series 5000 Modular Frame licence
HELM-AXON-SFR4 Helm Axon Synapse Modular Frame -SFR4- licence
HELM-AXON-SFR8 Helm-Axon Synapse Modular Frame -SFR8- licence
HELM-AXON-SFR18 Helm-Axon Synapse Modular Frame -SFR18- licence
HELM-SNELL-IQH3B Helm-Snell IQ 3U Modular Frame licence
HELM-OPENGEAR Helm Ross OpenGear licence
HELM-DENSITE Helm GVG Densité licence
HELM-VIKINX Helm Nevion Vikinx frame licence

Device Licences – Multiviewers

Licence Code Description
HELM-EVERTZ-VIP Helm Evertz Multi-Viewer licence
HELM-KX-16 Helm Kaleido-X16 licence
HELM-KX-FR4 Helm Kaleido-X 4RU Licence
HELM-KX-FR7 Helm Kaleido-X 7RU Licence

Device Licences – Servers

Licence Code Description
HELM-OMNEON Helm licence for single Harmonic Spectrum player.
HELM-VTR Helm licence for Sony 9-pin VTR protocol
HELM-HYPERDECK Blackmagic Design HyperDeck licence

Other Licences

Licence Code Description
HELM-SNMP Helm – SNMP controlled device licence
HELM-JLC Helm – JLCooper RackShot licence
HELM-DBQ Helm  – SQL Database Query Option
HELM-CLOCKWORK Helm  – Clockwork time-of-day event control
HELM-GPI-6050 Helm – Advantech 6050 GPI controller licence