ViewMaster VR

NDI® enabled multiviewer


ViewMaster VR is the latest addition to our evolving NDI® tools. It’s a simple-to-use, elegantly designed multiviewer, which takes multiple video and audio streams and combines them to create attractive and flexible layouts on a single screen, allowing you to quickly and easily see the streams available.

Its HDMI output is ideal for a wide range of monitors, and its NDI® output allows you to view the display anywhere on your network.


Get a clear overview of all video and audio streams available all on a single screen.


ViewMaster integrates seamlessly with RouteMaster and RouteMaster Lite and works with any third-party NDI® system.


Use ViewMaster’s custom configuration tool to display inputs and outputs exactly how you want them.

Configure Your View

ViewMaster VR can display up to 36 NDI streams in a grid arrangement. The name of each stream is clearly displayed, and you can easily select what streams to view. ViewMaster VR can also display program and preview tallies, showing at a glance which streams are on air.

Stereo, quad and 5.1 audio metering are available as well as the ability to hear the audio on a chosen stream. A loss of video on any stream is clearly displayed to the operators.

Seamless Integration

ViewMaster VR works seamlessly with RouteMaster VR Lite, our powerful and flexible routing and stream management application for NDI®. ViewMaster can directly display router source or destinations, along with their configured names. ViewMaster can also route video simply by clicking on the required stream.

ViewMaster VR also works with RouteMaster VR  for those who want additional flexibility and configuration options. Please get in touch to discuss your precise requirements.

viewmaster screen 3

Case Study: MultiViewer solves issues for European broadcaster

A European broadcast customer was in the process of building an NDI® facility when they came across the issue of easily viewing multiple inputs and outputs and being able to easily configure those views. We used our years of expertise and the power of Helm to create ViewMaster VR.

We took advantage of the capabilities of Helm, specifically Helm Designer, to develop a standalone, easy-to-use and technically powerful multiviewer application for NDI® that does exactly what’s required. ViewMaster VR immediately solved their issue, as, of course, it will do for many others across broadcast, A/V and streaming applications.

  • Monitor up to 36 NDI® Streams

Viewing multiple screens on a single monitor allows operators to confidence check and monitor signals quickly

  • RouteMaster VR Lite integration

Easily monitor router inputs or outputs, and route video directly within ViewMaster

  • Audio Metering, up to six channels

Audio meters allow operators to quickly spot sources with audio problem

  • Audio Monitoring

Listen to a single source via the PC sound output for confidence checking

  • Program and Preview tally indicators

Easily see which signals are on-air

  • Full Screen output

Uncluttered view of sources for fixed systems

  • NDI Output

See the ViewMaster display anywhere on your NDI network

  • Easy Source Selection

Operators can quickly choose which sources to view

  •  Simple on-screen configuration

All system configuration is available in one place for ease of use.

  • Automatic source detection

Works out of the box with zero configuration

  • Unicode Source name displays

Shows full NDI® source names for all script systems

  • Use NDI® proxy or full quality streams

Use low bandwidth or full quality depending on requirements and PC speed

  • “No Video” warnings

Instantly see when an NDI® source has failed

  • Discovery Server support

Works seamlessly with NDI® Discovery Server

NDI®  is a registered trademark of Vizrt Group.

PC Requirements
Windows PC with dedicated graphics card. The number and quality of sources viewable will depend on processor, network and graphics card performance. An Intel i7-class processor or better is recommended.
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