Time-of-day automation for broadcast and A/V routers.

ClockWork : Only £795.00 + VAT

Automated router control made easy

ClockWork is a PC Windows application that provides both automated time-of-day and full manual video and audio router control.

Simple to configure and use, ClockWork works with video and audio routers from all leading manufacturers. For customers needing cost-effective unattended router switching, with manual overrides, ClockWork is the answer.

ClockWork lets you schedule unattended switching days or weeks in advance, without the need to tie up an expensive station automation system.

Designed for cost-effective automated switching, ClockWork can control the switching of routers up to 64 inputs by 64 outputs. Smaller routers are also supported, with redundant signals automatically hidden.

The self-contained configuration tool makes setup straightforward. Router protocols, IP addresses and serial port configurations can all be easily changed.

Dialog boxes allow operators to schedule crosspoint switches with an intuitive user interface. These switches can be one-off or scheduled to repeat on a daily or weekly basis.

The ClockWork panel gives operators a familiar layout of controls, allowing them easy access to the router without the need for a hardware panel. Any crosspoint changes made externally to ClockWork are automatically tallied back to the panel.

For more complex automated time-of-day router control there’s Helm Clockwork

  • Wide range of protocols supported
  • Manual and automated control
  • Instant tallying of changes
  • Displays source and destination names from router where available
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Supports routers up to 64 x 64, with up to 4 levels
  • Control via TCP/IP or serial
  • Automatic daily and weekly repeats
Supported Protocols
  • Dummy router (for testing/evaluation)
  • Blackmagic Videohub
  • Pro-Bel SW-P- 02 General Switcher
  • Pro-Bel SW-P- 08 General Remote
  • Evertz Quartz
  • GVG Jupiter ASCII
  • Harris/Leitch Passthru
  • NVision Compact Router
  • Nevion Compact NCB
  • Rascular RouteMaster
  • GVG Native
  • Nvision NV9000
  • Nevion Sublime
  • Sierra Aspen
  • Utah Scientific
  • Kramer 3000
  • Kramer 2000
  • Harris LRC