Web-Based Control

Traditionally, Helm control panels have always run on the PC desktop. But, in today’s fast-moving environments, the ability to access your control panels from any device and any location has become critical.

That’s why we’re focusing development on web-based control panels, using stable and standardised web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. With web panels, users can essentially be anywhere, inside or outside a facility, on a smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet.

Web panels are still built using the familiar Helm Designer. In many cases, your existing panels can be used – unchanged – in the browser.  For router control, you can use web panels with RouteMaster’s built-in web server. However, if you need access restrictions and the power to control other devices, you’ll need our WebCentre system, which can control streaming encoders, integrate with social media, and provides sophisticated role-based user management.

We also include fixed layout web panels as part of RouteMaster VR Lite and RouteMaster VR, our virtual routers for NewTek NDI®.