RouteMaster Lite

Virtual router for NewTek NDI® Video

RouteMaster Lite : From only £500 + VAT

Fast and easy switching of NDI video signals

RouteMaster Lite brings familiar video routing capabilities to Newtek’s NDI® video. Based on our proven RouteMaster system, it gives operators a range of familiar control interfaces for controlling video switching.

Switching is suitable for all live, on-air applications, making RouteMaster Lite ideal for fast manual intervention.

No video streams are passed through the router system, instead traffic is redirected at the network level.  This means only minimal bandwidth and processor requirements are needed, regardless of the number of video streams and resolution. There’s also no additional video delay through the system. Additionally, RouteMaster Lite does not become a central point of failure: If the router system fails for any reason, video continues to flow from sources to destinations uninterrupted.

RouteMaster Lite is ideal for OB and production environments, supporting up to 20 sources and 20 destinations. For larger systems with more complex requirements, the same NDI switching technology is available in the full-featured RouteMaster system.

The built-in GUI is ideal for preset and take switching, showing resizeable video previews and audio metering  of the current video and the chosen source.

External Control

While control from the built-in GUI is fast and easy, it’s not ideal for all situations. Therefore RouteMaster lite supports external control from:

  • Web Panels served by the integrated web server
  • Familiar hardware panels like Blackmagic Design Smart Control
  • Or, third-party software which uses the Blackmagic VideoHub protocol

You can use all these control methods simultaneously, with router status immediately visible to all users.


NDI, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty-free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks.

NDI is a bi-directional standard that allows video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP, and to encode, transmit, and receive multiple streams of broadcast-quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time.

  • Fast switching
  • Familiar “Preset and Take” UI
  • GUI control with video previews
  • Automatic source detection
  • Runs on Windows 7 or later
  • Supports up to four hardware or web-based control panels
  • Maximum virtual router size 20 sources x 20 destinations.
  • Web-based control from Safari, Chrome or Firefox on desktop and mobile devices
  • Control from third-party systems over TCP/IP
  • Inherently resilient design
  • Low CPU and network usage
  • Adds no delay to video or audio
  • Easily upgrade to full RouteMaster software for larger systems
Hardware Panels supported
  • Blackmagic Videohub Smart Control
  • Blackmagic Videohub Master Control

Pricing and Versions

RouteMaster Lite Solo

20 x 20 Virtual NDI® router.  Controlled directly from application.

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RouteMaster Lite One

20 x 20 Virtual NDI® router. Controlled directly from application and by a single web panel or Blackmagic Design Videohub panel.

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RouteMaster Lite Four

20 x 20 Virtual NDI® router. Controlled directly from application and up to four web panels or Blackmagic Design Videohub panels.

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