RouteMaster VR Lite One


Extend switching of NDI® video signals using WebPanels or Blackmagic hardware panels

Utilising our own WebPanel, RouteMaster Lite One provides control from one of either Rascular WebPanels, Blackmagic’s hardware panels or any 3rd party software which uses the Blackmagic VideoHub protocol, further extending the flexibility of control of your NDI® routing.



RouteMaster VR Lite One – Software package includes: Windows PC application, support for a 20 x 20 Virtual NDI® router, with in-built General User Interface and application support for 1 control client – either 1 x Rascular WebPanel (included) or 1 x Blackmagic Design hardware panel (to be provided by the end-user). The application will run on either Windows 7 or Windows 10. The minimum PC requirements can be found here.