RouteMaster VR Lite Four


Extended control of NDI® video signals using a combination of WebPanels and/or Blackmagic hardware Panels – up to 4 control clients supported

Achieve near instantaneous switching with RouteMaster VR Lite. This in conjunction with extended control via up to 4 WebPanels/Blackmagic hardware panels, in any combination in addition to its integrated User Interface, provides fast manual intervention in any environment.



RouteMaster VR Lite Four Windows PC application supporting a 20 x 20 Virtual NDI® router, with in-built General User Interface and application support for a maximum of 4 control clients – in any combination of either 4 x Rascular WebPanels (included) or 4 x Blackmagic Design hardware panels (to be provided by the end-user).

The application will run on either Windows 7 or Windows 10. The minimum PC requirements can be found here.