Warranty Statement/Annual Software Support Subscription

Warranty Statement:

Rascular provides a 90 day warranty with its products on:
a. New Purchases and
b. Software Upgrades
This is in line with the click-wrap End User Licence Agreement shipped with the product. The Warranty includes telephone and email support during Rascular office hours, FOC upgrade to the latest release of software and FOC agreed bug fixes during the warranty period.

Annual Software Support Subscription

During the Warranty Period The customer will be offered an Annual Software Support Subscription.

Key features:

  • Subscription Support Period of 1 year.
  • Upgrades to the latest version of the software Free of Charge (FoC).
  • Access to the latest version of the covered software at no charge during the Annual Software Support Subscription Period.
  • FoC telephone/email support (Support).
  • Support provided during Rascular Regular Business Hours.
  • Rascular Regular Business Hours are 09:00 to 17:00 excluding Bank Holidays in England.
  • Agreed Bug Fixes provided FoC.
  • One free issue of the applicable MAC Address locked licence during the Subcription Period in line with our MAC Address locked software policy which can be found at https://support.rascular.com/mac-address-locking-policy/.

Cost – Where the Software Support Subscription Period follows on continuously from the Warranty Period or previous Annual Software Support Subscription Period the Cost will be the List Price of a Software Upgrade less 33.33%.

Rascular’s Terms and Conditions: Annual Software Support Subscription apply.
Where there is a lapse between the Warranty Period or the previous Software Support Subscription Period and the Customer taking up/renewing the Annual Software Support Subscription the Cost will be the List Price of a Software Upgrade.

N.B. Software Upgrade List Price is 30% of the software List Price.