Time of day Automation

Rascular’s Helm Clockwork allows broadcasters and playout providers to schedule a huge range of different events. These events can include switching a router, triggering a server to record an incoming feed, or the automated control of audio ingest – the list goes on.

For example, to record material at a pre-set time Rascular’s Helm Clockwork can automatically switch the router source, configure any modular gear in the chain and put the server into record mode for the required length of time. Events may also be configured to repeat daily or weekly if required. This is ideal for automated ingest, regional opt-out feed switching and other recurring events, and leaves operators free to carry out other tasks. This all takes place without tying up the resources of the primary broadcast automation system.



Helm Clockwork

An application within Rascular’s Helm, it allows users to create scheduled events where simple or more complex workflows can be triggered.