Router Control

Routing sits at the heart of broadcast and post production operations, including OB units. Efficient and expandable router systems are the lifeblood of on-air operations, whatever the content. Providing the level of control required, be that automated or manual, has traditionally been a challenge. There have also been significant problems when it comes to expanding or replacing systems, with controlling routers from multiple manufacturers in a single installation – or remotely – very difficult to achieve.

Not anymore. Rascular has created a range of applications that provide control and router life extension capabilities tailored specifically to your needs. From Helm through RouteMaster to Helm Clockwork, there’s an application for you.




Rascular’s RouteMaster is a powerful router control and emulation technology.



Rascular’s Helm provides the ultimate in flexible, user-defined on-air control from a single PC screen.


Helm Clockwork

A Helm application that allows users to create scheduled events where simple or more complex workflows can be triggered automatically.