Branding/Data to-Air

Viewers expect data to enhance their onscreen experience and to impart often vital information to them. Then there’s the desire to combine social media feeds – Twitter being by far the most obvious – with programming to increase viewer involvement and “stickiness”. Television needs to be part of the conversation.

Rascular supplies products that allow broadcasters to easily add data feeds onscreen – from simple news and financial tickers, weather and emergency alert messages to now/next/later graphics and cross-channel promotions.

Helm Twitter adds a new level of timing choice when publishing messages. It provides broadcasters with the ability to pick and choose which messages to display onscreen and when. An operator can use Helm Twitter to time the publication of a message to ensure its relevance to other onscreen activity.



ET-Updater, ET-Updater Pro or Timebase

Add data feeds to your broadcast, simply and cost-effectively.