Master Control

New for 2017: Helm is now integrated with AWS Elemental Live and provides comprehensive control and monitoring support. AWS Elemental Live provides real-time video and audio encoding for linear pay-TV broadcast and live streaming to new media platforms. More information.

New for 2017: Facebook Live Integration. Rascular have added complete Facebook support in Helm, providing manual control via a clear and easy-to-use panel design with the ability to create Facebook Live streams with a single click. More information available here.

Rascular’s PC-based applications provide manual control of playout systems in a master control environment. This is achieved by consolidating complex functions across multiple, disparate devices into simple buttons on a touchscreen or PC user interface. This can be as simple or as sophisticated as an operator requires, and provides easy control of the on-air playout chain.

Rascular provides an ideal solution for live control environments that need on-demand playout. The user-defined GUI offers an intuitive approach to controlling clip and audio playout, router switching between sources, mixing clips and live sources, and adding video and audio effects, DVE moves and squeezebacks, and multi-layer graphics. This simplified integrated control approach means a truly appealing onscreen look and feel is achieved with a reduced number of operators.




Rascular’s Helm provides the ultimate in flexible, user-defined on-air control from a single PC screen.


Helm Spectrum
ChannelPort Control

Manual control of Harmomic’s CiaB solution.


AWS Elemental Live

Helm Integration with AWS Elemental Live.

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