Broadcast Infrastructure

Rascular can control a huge range of third-party equipment, allowing customers to pick best-of-breed systems – be that branding devices, routers, video servers, VTRs, multi-image display processors and modular gear, or any combination – from a range of different manufactures and provides a single, integrated, user-defined, PC-based control/monitoring surface for operators. As an example, there are many tasks that must be completed before the on-air stage. This often involves highly repetitive yet complex tasks with multi-device workflows. Rascular’s technology allows these complex broadcast systems to be set up once, a user-defined control panel created and then those tasks and accessed when required.




Rascular’s Helm provides the ultimate in flexible, user-defined on-air control from a single PC screen.



Helm Clockwork

Helm application allowing users to create scheduled events where simple or more complex workflows can be triggered automatically.